Isothermic rooms, custom-made

Prefabricated isothermic rooms  for seed germination and/or preservation, with advanced technical solutions. For outside or integrated into interior spaces; temperatures, humidity, dimensions and characteristics on request.

Covering, perimetrical wall and partition wall with pre-fabricated sandwich panels with its inside of self-extinguishing injected polyuretan. The panels are selfcarrying, coupled one with the other with particular joints to ensure the maximum thermical capacity on the joint parts. Manual refrigerating sliding doors, beating on the hinge or automatic. Refrigerating system projected and realized to optimise the results of the conservation and/or germination with solutions with heating pump, single block, or condensed and separately evaporated.

DETAIL: electro-circulators for de-grading the temperature inside the room: ensure uniformity of germination.

Humidification system with water realized with autonomous humidifier with mechanical pulverisation: the control of humidification occurs with a digital or electromechanical humidistat. Temperature destratification system realized with electrocirculators of our exclusive project, built in galvanized iron sheet and pre-painted complete with motor-ventilators, with fans of light alloy statically balanced and of protection grills. Particular execution for the assemblage at the outside or integrated with other structure. Temperatures, humidity, dimensions and characteristics as requested.

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